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Punishing the Plaything (Stryfe/Wade, Nate/Wade, doubleteaming smut) - cable x deadpool [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cable x Deadpool

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Punishing the Plaything (Stryfe/Wade, Nate/Wade, doubleteaming smut) [Jun. 24th, 2009|08:35 pm]
Cable x Deadpool


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[music |Billy Joel - "We didn't start the fire"]

This was written during the Cable/Deadpool kink meme, in which comments were exchanged, I was egged on to write that thing where if this is an AU where Stryfe wasn't killing characters with speaking lines evil, just Highschool Soap Opera evil? Like, what if he was raised by someone like Goldmember as opposed to Apocalypse, so his main fight with Nate is over Wade? In other words, this is smutty plotless smut smut smut.

Unfortunately, everytime I try to post a comment there, it informs me the entry no longer exist. I'll wait and see if that technical difficulty goes away. So I'm posting it here first and hoping that the desperate people following it also check this community. The warnings are "BDSM and orgasm denial", like you wouldn't believe!

Punishing the Plaything (Poor Wade)

Chained up in the middle of the playroom and naked, with Stryfe and Nate, this is just like his dream, except the part where Wade is still not getting fucked.

...and so not like his dream in that he's being gagged (he likes being able to babble), and tethered so he couldn't exercise his flexibility to rub himself off. They've thought of everything! Wade would be tempted to kick Nate (if he could), if it weren't for the weak-knees inducing way Nate is stroking his ankles as he's checking the knots. "I hope you are comfortable, Wade," Nate gave his feet a final little pat, and backed off to pour himself a drink from his girly little table cart with its frilly fringed runner, "my schedule is cleared for the rest of the night".

This is of course, punishment...and brotherly bonding. There is an air of comradery between Stryfe and Nate now, demonstrated by the zen-like way Nate is sipping his tea, looking at Stryfe and Wade un-murderously. "We're going to have to teach you have to behave."

In a frown imitative of his brother, Stryfe admonished Wade with a waggle of his finger, "Playing up our rivalry on purpose wasn't very nice." Nate nodded approvingly, either he didn't realise he was being mocked, didn't minded it (being The Mature One), or Wade is the one being played with. Oh fuck.

"Our affection for you isn't a contest"...and that was a lie, because everything is a contest with those two, "I'm very disappointed in how irresponsible you've been with our attention."

"How greedy" Stryfe snapped from behind him, digging fingers into his hips, "I do not appreciate being played."

"...but because we love you so much"...that was true, but it feels like a threat now, "we're going to grant you that little fantasy of yours, share you together", and Wade starts to worry that the good thing might become too much.

Stryfe is lightly feeling up Wade's leather strapped cock like he's picking fruit, unhurried and causal, humming a jaunty gay little tune, and pressed against the buttplug that was very wide, but just long enough to touch and tease their shared playtoy into a muffled whine.

It's always possible for Stryfe to look a little bit more smug. Squeezing an arse cheek in one hand, he leered, "Wade, you little whore", and gives him a stinging smack.

Okay, Wade needed to be fucked, and he needed to be fucked now, that little smack nudged the plug against his prostate and he keened like a little bitch. He wanted to be bent over and spanked and fucked, but Stryfe is back to touching him in a way that Does Not Lead to Relief, kissing and sucking down his exposed side, which could have been ticklish if he wasn't so firm.

When Stryfe's mouth has left his extremely sensitive waist, and moved down to make a hickey on his hip, Wade eyes rolled back down long enough to give Nate his most pleading look, but Nate is his evil twin today, he shook his head with that infuriating (and circumstantially inappropriate) gentle smile, and reached through his own unzipped fly to stroke himself to the show, slowly, the same pace as Stryfe's ministration upon Wade's impatient body (kiss-suck-nibble down one leg and up the other). Nate can be soooo patient, the old geezer.

Nate is staring at him, smile still in place, and Wade can feel the plug move inside him, and start to vibrate, just a little, his feet gives out and he bucks in his restraints, earning a firm grip around his thigh from Stryfe, and a steadying hand on the small of his back. It's not just Wade's imagination when his throat is filled with the shape and texture of Nate's cock, up and down, and his eyes starts to water with need.

Finally Strfye is paying attention to little Wade, carefully unlacing the leather and licking and sucking the newly freed member down his throat, too slowly. Wade is too tied up to change the depth or pace, his maddened wiggling futile against leather cuffs and strong hands. He's sobbing in frustration by the time Stryfe stops, he's trembling and boneless when the brothers lowered him to his knees.

It's what Wade had been wishing for, being between Stryfe and Nate, though he had never imagined it like this. Stryfe untied his ankles and settled behind him, content for now to rub himself between the curves of Wade's arse, and Nate stood in front, gently holding Wade up between his hands and his groin. Feeling uncharacteristically meek, Wade moaned softly and nuzzled his cheek against Nate's enormous member, rubbing the side of his lips redder along its sturdy length.

Nate made some fond, shushing noise, whispering ridiculous sweet nothings like "you are the most beautiful thing" and "you are my favourite person", tips of his fingers in tender soothing motions all over Wade's scalp and down his neck. Nate looked into his eyes when his hands slid down to secure Wade by his shoulders, and nodding, Wade closed his eyes, leaned back, and wished he could lick his lips when Nate came on his face.

Being licked clean was the next best thing (to being kissed), Nate lapping up his own come on Wade's skin like it was a delicacy while Wade leaned back into the cup of Nate's hands, his toes curling when the tip of Nate's tongue probed between stretched lips and ballgag. His legs don't touch the ground, he's held above Stryfe's lap, and slipping into the inches between them, fingers slid around the plug and inside. "When we are done with you," Stryfe's voice is menancing, "you won't be able to ride your new motocycle for a week, healing factor or not"...promises, promises, but before Wade could miss being filled, Stryfe is inside him, pulling Wade down to the hilt.

Nate unhooks the cuffs from the ceiling chain, and let Wade fall forward into his arms as Stryfe set upon a brutal rhyme, rocking an uncontrollably sobbing Wade with each homeward thrust. It's too much stimulation, but not the right kind, not the right angle, not enough when it is, Stryfe knows Wade as well as Nate now, how to please him and hurt him and hang him. When this is over, Wade would want a repeat, but for now, the poor little thing is wailing and witless, bound hands trying to reach Nate's shoulder.

It's enough for tonight, or this part of tonight. Nate got Stryfe to stop with a projected thought, and positioned the tip of his renewed arousal against the root of Styrfe's cock and Wade's stretched entrance. Wade stared wide eyed at them both, dazed and tensing, and Nate entered his mind to sooth him, finding Stryfe there too. Nate ruthlessly crushed his re-emerging sense of jealously, and filled Wade's throat with the shape and texture of his cock again, ignoring Stryfe's knowing smirk.

The additional penetration takes careful and sternous applicatiom of force, but once the head was inside it's an easy slide in as Wade made choking noises around gags physical and telekinetic. Wade is shakily nuzzling Nate's shoulder now, his fingers adding desperate scratches against the board chest holding him up. The bound hands goes slack when Nate wrapped his cock in a firm hold, Stryfe reached around and the brothers begins to stroke Wade just the way he likes it. Pinned between his two favourite men, two cocks inside him, when Wade was finally allowed over the edge, his vision of their red walled playroom blurred to white.

Wade came to, still sitting in their laps, with Stryfe stroking the back of his head and neck, and Nate feeding him water. While the empty glass floated back to the girly little table tray, Nate kissed him and Stryfe kissed his wrists, rubbing in circulation even though there is no need, Wade can heal.

"Have you, Wade, have you learned your lesson?" It is possible for Nate to sound breathless, once his tongue was through attempting to ravish Wade's mouth into the soreness Wade's arse is feeling now. Wade nods, drowsy but cheerful "If I whine and I whine I will eventually get what I want?"

Stryfe gives him a very hard spank, "Ow! Very, very sore here!"

...and the way Stryfe is palming his arse doesn't help, "never, you greedy little slut, tempt what you may not be able to handle."

"I took both of you just fine, ow!" Another smack, Stryfe really have a sadistic streak.

"That's enough Stryfe", yes, trust Nate to step in when his brother goes too far, but something about the way Nate is smiling isn't very reassuring. It would have made Wade fear for his chasisty, if he ever had any. "We want him to get the rest he needs". They are exchanging thoughts, if only Wade could hear them.

"Yeess," Stryfe drawled, his pose and voice languid yet lecherous, "we should all get the rest we need", and, menacing and promising, he whispered into Wade's mind, We'll have more fun tonight when you are healed virgin tight again.

Wade slumped into Nate's waiting embrace, resigned and more satisfied than he had been in a long time.

ETA: Crossposted to marvel_slash

[User Picture]From: storm_dragoness
2009-06-25 01:29 am (UTC)
Ah, fandom your making pervy-er and pervy-er practically everyday. And I have you people to blame/thank for it.

I don't think I could feel sorry for Wade, considering the fact he seems rather happy in the end. This is an awesome way to start the day I believe. :3

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[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-06-25 01:39 am (UTC)
I think I'll be happy too, if I have a healing factor.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: asreal01
2009-06-25 02:03 am (UTC)
*whimpers* This...I can't even begin to describe how HOT this is. OMG, this hits so many of my kinks its not even funny. In fact, my kink is black and blue right now.

Also, THIS We'll have more fun tonight when you are healed virgin tight again. Oh Wade...always be careful what you wish for. YOU, especially. *evil grins*

I might not get to it in a very very long time but I'd love to be able to draw some porny fanart for this. Would that be alright?

Um...also I'm not entirely clear on how Wade is tied up in the beginning. His legs are tied, but how? Can you describe the pose more clearly if you had one in mind, for art and stuff, you know. :D
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-06-25 10:33 am (UTC)
Yes, yes, fanart please!

Um...also I'm not entirely clear on how Wade is tied up in the beginning. His legs are tied, but how? Can you describe the pose more clearly if you had one in mind, for art and stuff, you know. :D

Uh oh, I forgot to include that tiny little part where they untied his ankles when they lowered him, fixed!

Wade's hands are first bound in front in leather cuffs, wrist to wrist, then his bound hands are pulled above his head and hooked onto the ceiling chain. There is a ring in the ceiling that the chain loops through, one end hooking onto the cuffs, the other end sloping to a pulley system. Since both Nate and Stryfe are telepaths, they can operate that telekinetically, the pulleys and the locks!

They are on a stuffed leather gym mat, and off the mat there is another ring embedded in the floor. The ropes loop around Wade's ankles a few times, tied once in the middle at the back, then both ends of the rope are sloped and tethered to the ring. Wade can move his legs back (the ring is behind him)...but he can't move his legs forward while he's tethered.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-25 04:04 am (UTC)
Was this beta'd? I noticed more than a few grammar errors. Other than that, I CAME BUCKETS
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[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-06-25 10:35 am (UTC)


Usually, in kink memes, I post comment fics in bits, written in the comment box...it's anon! Then, if it doesn't suck too much, I post in my journal, and tweak it until I can post it. Usually my stuff is so short that it doesn't warrant a beta. Like, drabble short, but this porn ran away with me because it's a combination of soooo many kinks.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2009-06-26 12:10 am (UTC)


Oh god, I'm a moron. I went straight for the porn and didn't even realize this was for the kink meme.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: burnedtoasty
2009-06-25 08:19 am (UTC)
... suddenly, I have unexplained interest in Stryfe as a character.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-06-25 10:37 am (UTC)
That's not really comics!Stryfe, I've only read Cable 15, and his character summaries... Mostly this is What If, this is a high school soap opera, so that instead of being a really bad villan, Cable's evil twin is only that Bad Boy who breaks all the girls hearts and plays really rough? Ha.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: asreal01
2009-06-25 10:05 pm (UTC)
I've never read any of his comics, but according to Wikipedia, "In the end, Stryfe regrets the path and choices he has made in his life, and sacrifices himself to save the Earth from La Bete Noir, an entity trapped within the Earth at the beginnings of the universe by the Phoenix Force." This apparently before he started appearing in the Messiah Wars comics.

I like the idea of Stryfe as a big bad but the guy is a clone of Nate. So depending on where you fall in the whole nature vs. nurture debate, Stryfe may or may not be redeemable.

Heck, redeemable nothing. The guy is a less brooding version of Nate, bring on the porn I say ;D
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-06-28 12:58 am (UTC)
Hmmm, I wonder where in the timeline Stryfe comes from, before the sacrifice, or after, and couldn't remember. It could be a different universe, but for the purpose of this timeloop thing I'm trying to write, I'm going to say it's the same one.

Well, Stryfe grew up knowing about Nate, so that's a big part of the nurture too, as for nature, they might have some telepathic links. I totally have to read the rest of the Messiah Arc, but the art is soooooo terrible, really, really, fucking terrible, it burns my eyes. The women all look alike, were they all photo referenced from the same woman? There is no life in their movements, whereas during C&DP, the way people are drawn, you get that they move differently (I like how Dom and Wade kinda move alike, still like a stalking cat one minute, springy the next). Cable is was very cute and hot during his series with Deadpool, but here, he looks fugly.

...but I want to write Messiah Arc as a timeloop fic. We already have Deadpool, this is a Deadpool who decades from present will lock himself up for 800 years...I want to set it up so that it's either option 1, Cable goes back, and then dies decades from now, Deadpool locks himself up, and then hook up with Stryfe, and then they meet Cable, who reach some agreement with Stryfe. Option 2 have Hope and Cable discovering they are stuck in the future forever, and that's how fridged!Deadpool lost his Cable 800 years ago.

I like Option 2 more and more, when I think about it. Considering the canon timeloop where Nathan Summers is John Conner, being in the future after Apocalypse is down is the only blank ticket he can have. He already killed centuries old Ap as a teen, and he can't kill Ap again before that point in time (unless they make another timeline?), but what he can do is travel forward to the point in time AFTER Ap has fallen, and rebuild the world from there.

Stryfe is not that different from Nate...when you remember that Nate could indeed be okay with being a dictator, and relish hurting Deadpool because Deadpool can heal, at the beginning of C&DP. After centuries of Apocalypse, Stryfe's rule can be a good thing, like how Doom was good for Latvia compared to the duds before him. I just want a threesome damnit! Or foursome, oh it's so hard when I like Stryfe/Wade, Nate/Wade, and Nate/Dom at the same time, but at four, things starts to break up into something more like swinging.

Though it could also be a hilariously involved polygon. Cause the way I read Nate in the later arcs of Cable and Deadpool is that the greedy bastard is looking to collect both Dom and Wade. He let them take him out in Rumeki not only to gain more loyalty from the people, but to get back Dom, and then right after that, he try to guilt Wade into coming back to him too. ...and the awesome thing is, I totally read Dom and Wade as being comfortable around each other. It's going to be interesting in MCverse, where Nate has to share Wade with other him, and Dom is meh about it and Dom tries out Wade too (they were happy to see each other). ...and Stryfe is like, "What are you doing with my bitch?" and Dom sleeps with him too, and then Nate is like "WTF is my clone doing with my harem?"

They'll be like chocolate and vanilla. I read Stryfe as very blunt, he'll leave a lot of mark on Wade, he's way rougher and more butch and obviously dommy. With Nate, he's more gentle, more subtle, more manipulative, I definitely like Nate better because he's more layered. Stryfe's all basic instincts and undiluted desires and wants. Nate is always trying to dress up his basic wants, like jealousy, etc, but they are there. In canon, Nate mindraped Wade to try and get Wade to come crawling back to him for help, and he thinks he does this for Wade's own good, when it's because he wants Wade.

Oh, to be in the middle of a Nate and Stryfe sandwich...and to have the healing power to be able to enjoy it.

Now that Stryfe and Nate have teamed up in the universe of this fic (like the happy MAverse off screen?), the sibling rivalry will definitely still be there, except instead of just gifts now, and pulling Wade away to fuck the scent of the other out of him, they'll BOTH be there trying to make Wade react more at the same time.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: asreal01
2009-06-28 04:29 am (UTC)
I love your comment, it's so insightful (and HOT) ^.^

I too love Option 2 because it's kinda canon as far as I'm concerned right now. I like the idea of Wade being kind of lost without Nate. He knows that Nate is still alive sometime in the future because he sent him that also Psy-lance thingy so Wade is going to keep on living in the hope that one day in the future, he'll be able to catch up with Nate in time. So Wade waits admist other adventures/merc jobs for years, decades, centuries. But no Nate and he loses his hope bit by bit. Then he gets locked up in the fridge, and in addition to the terrible lonliness, he's also afraid that he'll end up missing meeting up with Nate completely.

Then one day he's sprung and OMG Nate! But it turns out to be Stryfe who's both Nate and NOT!Nate at the same time. I DO think that Wade would begin a relationship (possibly abusive on Stryfe's part) with Stryfe because he thinks that he's lost Nate to time. Then Messiah War starts, Nate shows up (hopefully less of a bastard than in the comic) and Wade has to decide between Nate and Stryfe. I prefer to think that all of this ends up with a happy 3some than whatever the heck actually happened in X-Force 16.

Personally, I neither like nor dislike Dom. I don't really have a good grasp on her personality except that she seems every bit as practical as Nate when it comes to relationships. By practical, I mean, on off, as in one day I'm sleeping with you, the next I'm trying to shoot you in the head.

And while I think that Stryfe expresses himself with more violence than Nate, Nate seems more dangerous than Stryfe to me because I'm always wary of the wolf in sheep clothing. Nate always seems like a guy who treads quietly but carries a big gun to me. Stryfe undoubtably also has this dangerous quality but he doesn't hide it as well, therefore making him less dangerous than Nate to me.

Again, I positively love the more happyish dyanmic between Nate and Stryfe in this fic. I'm all about the angst and complexity but they tend to get in the way of porn. I absolutely do think that Nate and Stryfe would eventually move from a competitive relationship for Wade to one where they would share him. Nate might be the first to realize it because of his 'practicability' toward relationships. Sure, he loves Wade but he also realizes that Stryfe is better matched for certain aspect of Wade's personality than him. For example, Stryfe's probably happy to have a violent bout or two, in bed and out, with Wade when Nate's too busy saving the world/running an island. And eventually Stryfe will stop being stubborn and accept that Wade also need Nate as well because Stryfe can not and is not Nate. But a hot prequel of Nate/Wade and Stryfe/Wade would also be very appreciated :D *hint, hint*

OMG, it suddenly just occurred to me that I want to see Stryfe creepily try to emulate Nate in order to get Wade to fall completely for him.

Eh, sorry for such a long comment. Brain shut up now :D
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-06-28 06:45 pm (UTC)
I've got this scene from Option I right now, because if you think about it, Stryfe is a bit of a tragic character, in that he's Nate's shadow and he knows it. So Wade, choosing Nate after all those years he spent with Stryfe? That's gotta burn. If Nate and company goes back to the present, or their reality, I could see Wade going back to Stryfe, and Stryfe thinking about how to break Wade for his treachery, but realising that Nate did it already.

I really like Dom, I usually try to like the girl in the yaoi pairings, because most times, they are actually very likable. Back when I was a 12 Year Old Fangirl, I was very much DieForOurShip, and I'm trying to distance myself from that, because the female character bashing for the sake of the ship is BAD.

It's much easier to like Dom than liking Sharon too, since Dom and Wade are actually on friendly terms, and the two ships can exist at once, because this was totally a part of Nate's dark fantasy;

With Sharon, I like her because she's like James Bond, kinda, I think she will never work out with Steve for that reason, though she does love him, and therefore will have cause for jealousy in regards to Tony, but Eventually It Will Work Itself out, because yes, she will be jealous if Tony is marrying Steve, but can she see herself quitting SHIELD to marry Steve? No, and SHIELD conflict too much with the Avengers for it to work.

With Dom, I like her because she has character, she's not a hanger on, she has her own agenda and her own friends, and I generally like the way she's drawn, and the way she carries herself, she's really got a similar type of body as Wade...so the canon Nate/Dom thing actually further validate the fact that Nate likes Wade, especially when he didn't stop trying to get Wade back after he got together with Dom, and Dom is okay with this, and Wade had always been okay with Dom.

I don't think Dom and Nate's attitude is so much practical...as it is 'unsentimental', and deliberately so. In relationships, I read both Dom and Sharon as more independent of Cable and Steve than Wade and Tony. Nate needs Dom's approval, and he needs Wade by his side.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: asreal01
2009-06-29 03:28 am (UTC)
Yeah, I think 'unsentimental' is a good word to describe Dom and Nate's approach to their relationship, which is one reason why it didn't bother me to read about her and Nate hooking back up in C&DP.

I like Dom's skepticism/reservation toward Nate. I think that's one characteristic Wade shares with her that attracted Nate to him. However, I think that whereas Wade might be swayed by friendship/feelings (e.g. Penetrator arc), Dom would have debated alot more indepth about things and she MIGHT end up making a decision against Nate despite her feelings for him.

In my mind, Dom is more like the friendly-termed ex-wife whose inputs and opinions are still important to Nate while Wade is the new beginning. But all this thinking is making me want to read Nate/Wade/Dom now :D Plus, I read somewhere that C&DP drew Dom way too young. I mean, if Nate is suppose to be in his late 40's/early 50's, is Dom in her late 30's/early 40's? I'd love to read something involving a mature middle age woman instead of some 20 something chick with DDD breasts. I think there's enough immaturity left in Wade for both Nate and Dom :)

Not only is Nate a manipulative bastard, but he also shoots people (allies even) in the back. That's one reason why I love him so. While I don't think they'll ever show it in the comic, I totally think that Nate would hit a woman/Dom if properly angered. He doesn't seem to have any of the foolish sense of 'chivary masquerading as slight male chauvinism' that most male heroes have.

Lastly, interesting idea for Option 1. I also agree that Stryfe is a bit of a tragic character. He doesn't even get his own design. Most casual fans would totally confuse Stryfe with Nate if not for his weird spikey armor. I totally see most of Stryfe's action as TRYING TO DISTANCE HIMSELF AS FAR FROM NATE AS POSSIBLE. So the way I see it, he finds himself strangely attracted the the deformed Wade; he's not repulsed, he's never met as fascinating a person. But then he learns that Wade also had a relationship with Nate previously. Then all of a sudden, Stryfe finds himself ABSOLUTELY HATING his attraction toward Wade, why must be always play second fiddle to Nate?!?! Cue abusive!Stryfe and a poor Wade stuck in the middle. I can see Stryfe and Wade with a happy ending only when Stryfe gets over his insecurities of being a clone. Maybe when he realized how badly Nate broke Wade, he'll be able to see that there is one thing that he can do better than his original--loving Wade. :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-06-29 06:49 pm (UTC)

The Dom-Nate-Wade thing

Yeah, I love all the ways that Dom and Wade are similar and different.

Most people tend to have a type, and I like it when writers pay attention to that and make sure there are some similarities between a character's current squeeze and former squeeze (that still gets along well).

I'll say that with Wade, his thing with Nate is more personal, ever since Burnt Offering, perhaps before...like when they were fighting outside the church in If Looks Could Kill, when Nate explained what will happen with the TO when he can't control it, and Wade's face was full of fresh empathy when he said, "like cancer?".

I think Wade does believe in his side of the Civil War, and was angry when Nate treated him like he was a child, this was most apparent when Wade said that playing dumb was one thing, but that it really sucks when Nate starts to believe that too. He was so insulted by Nate, and so angry about what happened in the church, that Nate bodysliding them to Rumeki like all that didn't happened, just made Wade angrier, he didn't have to explain to Nate that he was working with the Six-Pack now, he already did told Nate which side he was on, it's Nate's fault that Nate Was Not Listening.

With Domino, her treatment of Nate, regardless of her feelings, are much more professional. I find it interesting that in their exchanges of places regarding Nate, Wade left Nate for personal reason, while Dom finally joined Nate because of the bigger picture, because Nate was right before, because he was doing good in Rumeki, but because Cable is still Cable and she needs to keep an eye on him! Yeah they are old friends, yeah she probably loves him, and yeah that TO sure does rise to the occasion, but at the same time, Dom has a job to do when she's with Nate, making sure his good intentions doesn't destroy. That's what Dom was doing when she was reminding Nate to check on Wade.

I really wish that Providence wasn't destroyed, because it was a really neat place, I love how when he made it, Nate explain that it shouldn't be about the ism, the systems don't work when they use it to full, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't take the good parts. Kinda like Obama's "it's not about big government or small government but a government that works"(paraphrase). Plus, it's sad that we didn't get to see Nate and Dom and Wade in the same place after Wade returned to Nate...and though Wade started out as Deadpool in Dom's relative, she was addressing him as Wilson when she asked him for advice at the end of Rumeki stealing. Right after Wade saved Dom and Irene from Sabertooth, she called him Wade.

If Nate got everything he wanted, no checks and balances, I could see this;

(Dom and Wade share a drink)

They were sitting on the bed, legs swinging as they drank the beer that Dom has brought over, when Wade reached over to touch her bloodied sleeve, wishful look in his eyes.

"Ran into S.H.I.E.D. around East Africa" she left his hand there, and kept her details vague, "the Black Panther caught them trying to infiltrate one of our schools again -"

"-and who did you get to kill this time?"

"Sharon, almost."

"They are trying to get the Avengers involved?"

"They don't fight clean."

"Are you still sore about Michael?"

Dom held out her beer and gave it a thoughtful look, "you know, I've been thinking of switching to light."

Wade threw his empty can across the room,"You madam, are a perfect match for them!"

It's time for Dom to leave, which allows her to be serious, "I think that's what Nate needs from me now."

There is no sympathy from Deadpool, he laughs and held up his hands, giving his chains a rattle, "you wanna trade places?"
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-06-29 07:07 pm (UTC)
...and by relative, I of course, meant to say narrative.

...and yeah, I would have liked it better if Dom had been drawn as a woman in her middle years, I suppose her mutant powers could include looking like she's in her 20s whens she should be at least be in her 30s (if she was a teenager more than 15 years ago in Afghanistan)...though wait, it should be mid 30s at the very least (and that will still make Nate a creeper!) Comic books need moar Christmas Cake. As much as I like Torchwood, I'm beginning to like Dr.Who more thanks to the wonderous Donna Noble (when I try to watch DW earlier, she wasn't in it, but in the epi I caught last night, she was, and she's awesome). I especially love how when they mistook her for being married to the handsome Dr.Who, her first reaction was hell no, never (marrying).

C&DP really have a lot of 'soapy sudsy fun', my consolation is that at least it's healthy non-hateful sudsy fun, the t&a doesn't get in the way of character, and the girls have generous bosoms, but no Liefeld torpedo tits, or waists the size of their wrists, yikes!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-06-30 11:57 pm (UTC)

re: the very fucked up Stryfe and Wade thing

I bet that he keeps Wade zombie-like most of the times to make sure that no one else can steal him.

(Stryfe's POV)

Wade comes to life beneath your fingers like a flower in bloom, muscles mending beneath soft new skin as he trembles in ecstasy while you stroke him. His beautiful hands clutched onto your shoulders like a vise as you pulled him down to engulf you to the hilt, all the reconnected neural pathway running bright with memories and dreams and it feels like the birth of a galaxy. You mark him with bruises all over his freshly filled flesh, and as you claim his mouth again you can taste a thousand extincted luxuries on his tongue. You push inside his body and his mind, penetrating so very deep that Wade can never, never, forget, he'll remember he's yours even when he thinks about him. Once you've splintered all his bones and healed him to do it all over again, but Wade still thinks about him, and all you could do is bring up the the day Nate abandoned Wade and the day that you've put him back together.

...the way I see it is, the hurt will continue, especially since Wade has shown Stryfe that he had chose Nate when he have a choice, but Stryfe will also offer a lot more comfort to seduce Wade, and because he begins to not be able to shield against Wade's deep depression.
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[User Picture]From: asreal01
2009-07-02 03:13 pm (UTC)

Re: re: the very fucked up Stryfe and Wade thing

Dear god. GUH!

When you write beautiful things like this, please, please share it with the community at large. Comments are hard to keep track of and I'd hate for gems like this to get accidentally overlooked :)

Will offer more coherent feedback when I'm not suppose to be working ;)
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[User Picture]From: asreal01
2009-07-03 02:51 am (UTC)

Re: the very fucked up Stryfe and Wade thing

More coherent this time around.

What a beautiful, painful thing. I sort of see Stryfe as a tragic figure who always covets what Nate has/had and always comes up short. He would be an extremely possessive lover, possibly even to the point of abuse, especially to someone like Wade, whom he knows had a relationship already with Nate. Of course he would use Nate's desertion to 'press' Wade's buttons.

Also, Wade...Just like he only answered the phone as Deadpool with the mask on, I think he would also be somewhat different with healed skin. Removing his deformity would further differentiate Wade Wilson from Deadpool, with all the emotional baggages/vulnerabilities of not being a crazed merc. Oh Wade. In a way, I think that he'd very much want to be wanted like the way Stryfe wants him, but he can't ever be sure that Stryfe loves him, or if Stryfe just wants to get one over Nate. Plus, having Stryfe look exactly like Nate makes it kind of hard to forget Nate but also one major reason why Wade would continue to sleep with Stryfe.

If Nate is out of the picture, I can very much see Stryfe and Wade continue this twisted sort of relationship. They're not committed so much out of love but out of this weird, desperate need. Maybe in time, it might turn into a less twisted relationship but I doubt it would happen between those two.

In fact, I think Stryfe/Wade can only be a happy relationship if its Stryfe/Wade/Nate. With Nate, Stryfe will when/where the line is and he can go into a relationship with Wade without fixating on how Nate/Wade might be. For Wade, he's just going with the flow. He knows that Nate didn't abandon him and therefore, he'd be less desperate/on an equal footing with Stryfe.

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[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-07-03 07:44 pm (UTC)

edited comment, Stryfe/Wade and best to worst

Considering that it's probably canon that Stryfe had tortured and raped Cable's wife (Aliya) while she was his prisoner (Marvel Database said it was hinted at), I think it's not so much possibly as Definitely.

It's canon that he ripped Wade in two! ...and that was after Wade gave him a 'love tap', Stryfe was wearing armor, and he has telekinesis, so it's not like the push off the ledge is going to be a big deal. The biggest deal is probably Wade choosing Nate...

I'm drawing a big ??? over what it's going to be like after /that/ though. Either Stryfe is going to outright really torture Wade, stick to mental cruelty or even be comparatively gentler if Wade walks back to him afterwards, by choice or because Nate has left again.

I totally see War!Nate from one of the universe in Enema of the State, as totally having kept Wade in chain, and a)makes it clear that Wade belongs to him, b)admit that he wants and needs Wade, considering it's canon that Nate continued yanking Wade with him even after the divorce, and then there is the whole messing with his mind thing.

With Stryfe however, I think he will have problem admitting that he wants Wade around, so he doesn't keep Wade in chains except to punish him, he just keeps him in that zombie-like state so that other people can't touch him, he only makes Wade healthy again during their private time together. Wade on the other hand, would keep coming back to Stryfe, but he won't stay, he'll go out and wander, body falling apart or not.

...and then there is the whole Wade is masochistic for attention thing. In the Age of Apocalypse, while Dead Man Wade and Moonstar was accompanying Damask and her Pale Riders to Avalon, Moonstar wouldn't stop torturing Wade. When Damask killed Moonstar for this however, Wade was shocked and sad. So for Wade, the worse is the mental cruelty, I can see him looking at the bruises wishfully, after the act, and Stryfe would be gentler, or rather, more tender, when he catches Wade at it.

The way I see it, in order from best to worse;
a) Wade being with Nate AND Terry, this is highly improbable
b) Wade being with Nate AND Domino...OR...Wade being with Nate AND Stryfe
c) Wade being with Nate
d) Wade being with Stryfe
e) Wade being alone
f) Wade being struck in the fridge.

Wade is a social creature, so even when Stryfe is abusive, he still prefers Stryfe. Okay, in Real Life, if he hits you, run like hell. ...but I have to admit, if someone who hurts me happens to be the Only Other Person on earth, I'll probably go back to him or her, depending on how bad the hurt is, because humans tend to be social creatures and all that. That's why solitary is seen as such a punishment in prison, even the ones who had been raped sometimes chose to chance it again or hook up in a prison marriage than to be stuck in solitary.

...and the scale of Best to Worst is also something I'm well aware of with my other pairing, Poison Ivy/Harley. Poison Ivy is way better for Harley than The Joker, but part of Ivy is also attracted to Harley's doormat quality which she pointed out when she said that Harley's middle name is welcome. In Harley and Ivy, it's Ivy dragging Harley along, not the other way around. On the scale of best to worst, the best would be, Harley is sane and with someone who loves her well...but the status quota is, she's insane and with the Joker who badly mistreat her, so she's better off with Ivy.

Ditto for Wade again, best would be for him to be sane and a member of the x-man and with Terry, because Nate can be a jerk and you have to share the Messiah with the world, but he's not sane, and he's not clean-cut, and therefore I don't think it'll actually work out with Terry. I think part of Wade knows it too, which makes the thing with Mary that much more horrible. I was expecting something violent when I heard about it, but the actual scene, someone posted in comments to this comm somewhere, is much worst, Mary wasn't violent, but mocking, and Wade looked so very violated and he repeated that "but I want Terry" when Mary is around.
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[User Picture]From: hohaiyee
2009-06-28 06:54 pm (UTC)

...and Nathan Dayspring Summers is Jesus and Manipulative Bastard in One

I totally sense that Wade and Dom shares some sense of comardery because the man they love is a manipulative bastard, on this front, and oh, they totally need that. Dom wasn't jealous when Nate was trying to get Wade back, she was concerned about his method...sympathizing with Wade, "because people like us with our past"(paraphrase?) shouldn't be left to the voices too long.

The other scan was from Issue 28 BTW, and this is the scene in Issue 29 that set off my manipulative bastard alarms like woah;

It's not fair calling someone your goodfriend when they are trying to decide whether or not you need to be put down!

Nate doesn't hit Dom because she's a girl (I think it does make some difference to him), and because she has no healing factor, but look at the following scenes near the end of the issue;

...and further example of Dom and Wade getting along in regards to Nate;

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