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You know the 'Take On Me' video? Kinda like that but with more sex. Part 1 - cable x deadpool [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cable x Deadpool

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You know the 'Take On Me' video? Kinda like that but with more sex. Part 1 [Aug. 15th, 2009|11:07 am]
Cable x Deadpool


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So. Yeah. I decided to de-anon and post this fic. Sorry I haven't updated it in so long. I went on holiday and forgot about it. I'll post the rest later.

Cable/Deadpool/Ryan Reynalds
Rated T for this part (though with mild swearing)
Cable/Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds. You know the 'Take On Me' video? Kinda like that but with more sex.

Ryan Reynalds had been to some crappy diners in his time, but this particular one took crappiness to new levels. The mould on the floor looked sentient enough to attempt world domination and even the greasy, overcooked, bad-smelling waitress was better than the food. He missed Canada.

Still, it was better than trying to drive through the torrential rain and he had something that might make the whole ordeal a little better. With a flourish (that was totally ignored by the other patrons) he produced from a pocket in his raincoat, a mint condition copy of Cable and Deapool #25. It had taken him months to track down and though he had recieved it a few days ago, he had not yet begun to read it. "It's a good a time as any" he thought, and settled into one of the diners lumpy chairs.

Ryan blinked. He had clearly been reading the comic for too long, because the Deadpool on the page in front of him blinked back. He glanced around the diner. Nobody appeared to be smoking anything funny. Maybe it was the fumes from the kitchen. He turned back to the comic book.

Deadpool was now gesturing for him to come forwards. Ryan looked round the diner again. There was still no evidence of illegal substances being smoked so he turned his attention back to the comic. Deadpool was still gesturing for him to come fowards and Ryan, not knowing of anything better to do, leaned fowards. A hand covered in red costume shot out of the comic and grabbed his shoulder. Before he had even opened his mouth to scream like a girl, he was pulled into the book.

"Er hello? He-lloo. Anyone in there?" He felt someone tapping his forehead. Opening his eyes (when did he close them in the first place?) he found himself face to face with the iconic red and black mask of one Wade Wilson. Also known as Deadpool.
"Ah great, you're alive. Listen, d'ya reckon you could tell me your name?"
Ryan blinked.
"Ryan Reynalds?"
"There's a question mark at the end of that statement. You sure you're Reynalds?"
"Yes. I am Ryan Reynalds"

At this Deadpool pumped his fist into the air, whooping.
"Yeah! Score one for the D-man! Cable was all like 'Don't be silly Wade, It'll never work, Wade, but boy I sure showed him. Cone on, I gotta show you to Cable. Haha, I can't wait to see his face" With this Deadpool grabbed Ryan's arm and began to drag him towards a door that he hadn't noticed. Finally coming to his senses somewhat, Ryan dug in his heels.

Deadool turned back to look at him and Ryan thought he saw him frown, but it was difficult to tell under the mask.
"What's the matter?" Deadpool asked, though his voice didn't sound very concerned. More annoyed.
Ryan racked his brains to try and come up with an intelligent question that might give him some useful answers as to what he was doing here. He opened his mouth.
"Oh hey, yeah listen, what, ummm... I mean.. you're Deadpool, right?" Witty.

Deadpool let go of his arm and turned back to look at him.
"The one and only. I don't think Marvel has cloned me yet, but it's only a matter of time"

Ryan stared. The man in front of him was Deadpool. THE Deadpool. The man he would be playing on screen in a few years time. Deadpool. Wow. Just wow. What little sense he had managed to regain since arriving here (wherever here was) quickly dissolved into: Oh my god it's actually Deadpool, it's really him, I'm meeting him face-to-face, well face-to mask really but what should I say?

Before he could open his mouth to ask a question that wasn't retarded, Deadpool had grown impatient. He grabbed his arm again and without further ado, had dragged him through the door.

Ryan emerged into the light of a summers day, and immediately regretted his heavy raincoat. It was obvious that Deadpool wasn't going to allow him time to change however, so he settled for trying not to trip over his own feet as he was dragged along behind him.

People were roughly shoved aside as Deadpool barged his way through the crowds of a city Ryan didn't know. Deadpool clearly did as he steered him purposefully through the streets, muttering things like "This'll show him, the smug bastard" and "I wonder if he's cleared up the office since last time. We did make a mess of it"

Ryan did try and apologise to the people Deadpool knocked away in his quest to get wherever he was going, but most of them simply shrugged and he even thought he heard one person say "It's not like he's never done this before" Before he had time to reflect on this statement Deadpool had dragged him into a building. Once inside he let go of his arm and walked over to what appeared to be a reception. Rubbing his abused arm, Ryan looked around him before he was distracted by Deadpool talking again.

"Yo. Receptionist lady. I'm here to see Cable. Let me in"
The "receptionist lady" sighed in what Ryan recognised as a long-suffering sigh and looked up at Deadpool.
"I'm sorry Mr. Wilson...
"Hah! I love it when you call me that."
"... Cable asked that he should not be disturbed, he's rather busy and..." She stopped and sighed again, pressing a button on the desk.
"Go in. It's pointless to try and stop you."

Deadpool walked through the now open door ahead of him, pausing as he walked through the doorway. He turned around.
"Come on Reynalds. I gotta show you to Priscilla so he can eat his words"
Blinking stupidly (though who could blame him) he followed him through the door. The receptionist watched him as he passed, but not seem too surprised to see him. He guessed she had seen stranger things.

Deadpool stopped just ahead of him and yelled into the large room.
"Honey, I'm ho-ome! And I brought a present too!"


[User Picture]From: meisright
2009-08-16 01:42 pm (UTC)
Oh my is this really happening? I'm so glad you decided to turn this into a more elaborated story, it looks like it's gonna be fun and, well, pornyXD
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: bloodyfire
2009-08-16 10:25 pm (UTC)
lol! okay crackfic i normally avoid but deadpool crackfic makes sense and literally breaking the fourth wall to drag ryan into comic world...can i own this issue plz?
(Reply) (Thread)